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Visitors to Caron Treatment Center, PA

Affectionately known as "Magic Mountain", South Mountain has been a place of healing for more than a century. We are honored to be a part of this tradition by providing care for visitors to Caron. The inn was founded with the purpose of serving those connected to Caron.

Our primary mission is to create a peaceful environment where visitors to Caron can rest and have privacy. During the Family Education Program (FEP), we do our best to fill the inn exclusively with FEP participants.

We provide extra care by accommodating food preferences, inquiring about special non-alcoholic drink requests and providing shuttle service to Caron and the surrounding area for those without cars.

What our customers say

Thank you for the most amazing place to stay during one of the most difficult times in my life. Your kindness, and the comfort I found here, meant the world to me. This inn is a special place - welcoming, warm, beautiful, classy, and very comfortable. All the best.
What a wonderful place to stay. When I got to bed each night I could not wait to wake up to see what lovely breakfast I got to enjoy. I love being able to walk to Caron. Can't wait to come back here to stay under happier circumstances.
I can't fully express how amazing it was to have this beautiful space to return to, after the end of a long day. This inn added to the restorative experience I had this week at Caron. It was beautiful, clean, comfortable, and the food was delicious. Thank you for being an incredible bonus to this amazing journey I am on. All the best.
This place...not really a B&B, it is a sanctuary. Each day I truly looked forward to returning here and not just for the terrific chow. Much more for the nourishment of spirit through your kindness. Thanks for having me.
This was exactly what I needed. Warm, friendly, welcoming - a wonderful home away from home while visiting Caron. I can't say enough good things. I am looking forward to coming back for Chapel and other celebrations...and staying right here. The breakfasts (and the beds) can't be beat. Thank you!
Jackie M.
This is a lovely place to land while in Wernersville. The genuine warmth and kindness of the Innkeepers cannot be overstated. This was demonstrated each day with delicious breakfasts, afternoon cookies and attentiveness to any particular needs. I asked for ice and a steady supply was made ready for me the entire stay - just one small example of the attention to detail. This wasn't just a stay, it was a gift.
Linda R.
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